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Orthopaedic dentistry

One needs to consult а prosthodontist in case of tooth damage or loss.

Unfortunately, most people get used to the fact that some teeth are missing even though this may lead to serious complications. Even a single missing tooth would result in the neighboring teeth growing their way to try and cover up the area. This, in turn, may cause occlusal disturbance or undermine the supporting function of the healthy teeth.

Orthopaedic dentistry in “Dent Service” medical centre seeks to improve continuity of dental arcade by restoring missing teeth.

In their work, orthopaedists apply direct and indirect prosthetics methods.

The direct methods include:

  • crowns and bridges;
  • inlays;
  • veneers;
  • implant prostodontics.

Dental crown and bridge. These dental prostheses are used when the tooth had sustained a minor injury or lost its natural protection. It mimics a tooth in shape, size and masticatory function. The bridge allows to restore the missing tooth by connecting it to the neighboring teeth. The procedure is done provided that the patient doesn’t use removable prosthesis or implants.

Inlays. Тhis microprosthetics is used when the tooth is partially damaged and precludes the crown insertion in the future. The inlay takes on the chewing pressure. Inlays are superhard and give the impression of a healthy-looking tooth.
Veneers are artificial ceramic lining of teeth. They are placed on the walls which allows to hide any change in colour or minor reposition. Usually they are used to correct defects and improve aesthetic appearance.

Implant prostodontics. Functionally, an implant represents a healthy tooth root. It serves as a kind of a base or foundation, if you will. When applying implant prostodontics methods, every tooth is treated separately so as to avoid filing down other teeth.

The indirect prosthetics methods include:

  • removable dentures and bridges;
  • clasp dental prosthesis.

Removable dentures and bridges. In case of partial tooth loss orthopaedists apply removable or partially removable orthopedic devices. Not only does this type of prostheses enhance the aesthetics but it also restore tooth anatomy. To achieve the highest results possible a patient needs to choose dental prosthesis very thoroughly.

Clasp dental prosthesis. This type of orthopedic device has a thin metallic arc. When chewing, the pressure is distributed between the gums and one’s own teeth. Compared to other indirect methods, this is the most physiologically based prosthetics. Futhermore, clasp dental prostheses are highly durable and easy to use.
You can consult dental professionals at “Dent Service” medical centre and select the best option based on your specific case. Regardless of the type of prosthetics, our clinic’s services are exceptionally comfortable for the patients. Not only do our centre’s orthopaedists successfully perform various dental treatments but they are true experts in the field of modern orthopaedic dentistry.