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Dental disease prevention

It is a known fact that dental and oral health status is critical to overall well-being. Heavily affected teeth provoke inflammatory process that damages the surrounding tissues which, in turn, may lead to tooth loss.

Dental disease prevention is a set of measures taken in order to intercept the onset of the disease process in the oral cavity.

Pain is a warning sign and is indicative of an approaching disease. Unpleasant sensation in the teeth caused by thermal, mechanical or chemical stimuli applied to the nerve endings. As is often the case, this happens due to ignoring prevention techniques and dental hygiene.

Personal hygiene and preventive measures include:

  • everyday oral hygiene;
  • regular professional dental examinations
  • oral mucosa care;
  • prevention of common dental diseases;
  • еarly treatment of dental diseases and their complications.

Bacterial aggregation in the oral cavity causes numerous dental and periodontal diseases such as caries, endodontitis, gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontosis. Therefore, keeping up good oral cavity hygiene, timely dentist visits, proficient diagnostics – all of these factors, individually and combined, аllow to maintain oral mucosa health, prevent the onset of dental diseases and, in many cases, minimize treatment costs. As a saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Oral hygiene.

Maintaining good oral cavity hygiene plays a crucial part in dental disease prevention. Morning and evening toothbrushing “ritual” should become something of a second nature for every adult, and that includes using dental floss too. For children, on the other hand, it’s enough to just use their brush every evening.

Scientists have also found a link between dental health and diet. The more fruits, vegetables and firm foods we eat the more critical it is to maintain good oral hygiene.

The quality of everyday oral hygiene depends on choosing the right toothpaste and brush, as well as knowing some nuances of how to apply them.

Аn everyday toothbrush has to bemoderately firm toothbrush so as not to traumatize the gums. Not all of the toothpastes and other cleaning products are equally useful for you. What any good toothpaste or powder has to leave you with is clean and shiny teeth as well as pleasant sensation of freshness in the mouth. However, the matter of personal oral hygiene and the right diet requires individualized approach which Dent Service’s practitioners always apply on their consultations.

You can make an appointment for a follow-up examination and consultation at: (096) 515-22-55, (066) 515-22-55, (073) 515-22-55.

A team of trained professionals always take into account specificity of each case, the present state of oral cavity and would be happy to prescribe oral care products matching your needs.