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Eyes are the mirror of the soul and beautiful smile is a symbol of health. Through the smile we radiate our positive emotions and feelings to those around us. Yet, unfortunately, not all of us have been endowed with a set of perfectly aligned pearly whites by nature.

If you dream of having a beautiful smile and healthy symmetrical teeth it’s time to visit our “Dent Service” clinic!

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of dental arcade malalignment occlusion problems. Some of the most serious dental problems related to orthodontic pathology have to do with esthetics. Dental misalignment would often make people reluctant to smile and can even lead to psychological complexes. This factor aggravates emotional issues that can affect both personal and professional life of an individual.

Occlusion disturbance significantly alters the masticatory muscular load during the chewing, causing dental and digestive problems. Dental arcade malalignment and crowding of teeth hinder proper and efficient oral hygiene maintenance. Medically speaking, temporo-mandibular joint takes the heaviest blow in this situation, which, coincidentally, is one of the most complicated joints in our body. Аge-related changes in the future may lead to frequent headaches, tinnitus and clicking sound when opening jaw or chewing.

Applying the most up-to-date modern technologies in orthodontics brings the best results in terms of aesthetics and functionality. This type of treatment aims at:

  • teeth alignment;
  • сreating balance and proper load sharing pattern between lower and upper jaw muscles;
  • face correction;
  • normalization of temporo-mandibular joint function;
  • improving the function of masticatory muscles;
  • functional and aesthetic occlusion stabilization.

Оrthodontic treatment starts with the complete dental exam which includes taking impression, individual modelling and analysis. Occlusion correction and teeth alignment are done using time-proven and trusted methods. Оne of them is orthodontic constructions known as braces.

Braces are multi-element permanent structures composed of brackets, metal springs and ortho chains. Under long-term moderate pressure of the orthodontic arch the teeth tend to reposition. A common lay opinion that the teeth are intergrown with the jaw bone and thus, irrevocably immovable, is merely an illusion. A tooth root is positioned in the socket and is firmly attached by соnnective tissues. These fibers are highly elastic that’s why the teeth can reposition themselves when erupting or under the effect of braces. By making space for a tooth in the place of lengthened fiber a new bone сan be grown that will make it impossible for the tooth to grow in its previous position.

By using modern orthodontic constructions on everyday basis “Dent Service” professionals can guarantee the efficacy of installed systems the best results possible. High-quality diagnosis and properly selected braces are only a few tools employed by orthodontists. Wearing braces is not about paying tribute to fashion but about healthy and beautiful teeth for years to come.

With a little help from us, your dream of perfect smile can come true now!

You can book a orthodontist appointment at “Dent Service” clinic.

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