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Aesthetic dentistry

Ingenuous and guileless smile is considered to be one of the essential elements that goes along with positive self-esteem. Flawless white teeth hold visual appeal, speak of a person’s status and imply his sense of self-worth and respectfulness towards others.

Modern aesthetic dentistry offers a wide rage of different methods designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. Our safe and clinically effective restoration procedures will make your teeth glow with natural beauty in case you have complaints about:

  • atypical grinder teeth anatomic shape;
  • enamel defects;
  • post-caries tooth darkening;
  • trauma-induced chipping a tooth;
  • crevice between teeth (diastema).

Оne of the key features of modern aesthetic dentistry is a natural appearance of teeth upon the restoration procedure. For many years, the practitioners working for “Dent Service” have successfully helped patients to get their beautiful smile back. Our dentists use only state-of-the-art technologies and materials which ideally mimic the peculiarities of natural enamel’s colour and shade.

Aesthetic dental restoration. A wide colour array of the composite materials applied by Dent Service’s professionals allows to avoid false teeth impression. The shades of white ideally recreate natural colour, luster and transparency of the teeth. After such a procedure you would have most refulgent and natural-looking smile.

Aesthetic Prosthodontics.
Dental veneers is another milestone in modern dentistry. This method can be applied to treat fractures, diastemas, age-related changes, wedge-shaped defects and nonreversible tooth discoloration, especially smoking-induced. Ceramic veneer restoration doesn’t make the outer dental surface tarnish or change its colour with the course of time.

If you are not satisfied with tooth size, shape or colour, gaps between teeth (diastema) or different coloured fillings, then cosmetic dentistry is precisely what you need!

“Dent Service” dental professionals will not only be able to create beautifully shaped teeth but also will restore them to full functionality. Proper tooth anatomy with its cusps and specific surface configuration that facilitates food breakdown process is the basic criterion of valid dental practice. Only by complying with all method-specific aspects of aesthetic dentistry that the practitioner can perform highly aesthetic and practical restorations.

Every patient’s perfect smile and positivity always inspire our team to achieve new heights. We care about you!

You can book a dentist appointment at: (096) 515-22-55, (066) 515-22-55, (073) 515-22-55.