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It may be quite stressful to experience or even think of misdiagnosis consequences. Dental problems overlooked at the regular dental exam and dental health screening can subsequently lead to complications and can even cost a patient lost teeth.

Luckily, dental diagnostics at “Dent Service” medical centre employs only ultra-modern equipment and cutting-edge methods.

Intraoral camera. In the recent years, intraoral camera examination of the oral cavity has become a quite popular practice. A camera makes it possible to take a HD video inside the oral cavity. One of the special features of such an equipment makes it possible to visualize and magnify an image of surface of teeth and oral mucosa by many tens of times.

Advantages of intraoral cameras

Dentists find it highly practical to use such a miniature camera. A camera transmits an image onto the screen which makes it much easier for the doctor to detect any dental problems compared to using small dental inspection mirrors.

Intraoral camera is equipped with a lighting kit so that the teeth can be examined under maximum light intensity.

Such diagnostic tool has the following advantages:

  • early stage caries detection;
  • the whole process being controlled by a patient;
  • shooting in the hard-to-get-at places of the oral cavity;
  • using video footage to analyze the results.

Intraoral camera proves to be especially instrumental in the medical practice of subspecialists such as orthopaedists and orthodontists.

X-ray examination. This diagnostic method is extremely effective in detecting the diseases that are otherwise very hard to identify during regular visual examination. Dental X-ray image can help detect traumatic injuries and pathological processes.

Advantages of an x-ray examination

The quality of radiologic diagnosis helps to detect the problem early in its course. “Dent Service” uses only modern high-accuracy equipment and diagnosis is done by experienced professionals.

X-ray examination provides:

  • high-quality images in different projections;
  • maximum result precision;
  • low-level radiation.

After radiographic results examination “Dent Service” professionals will be able to assign a course of treatment on a case-by-case basis that ideally suits a patient’s needs.

Вinocular loupes. When it comes to diagnosing dental diseases, using binocular loupes significantly facilitates the process. Due to a powerful zoom capacity of the device it can achieve the highest possible resolution of dental images. Optical magnifiers is what takes dental treatment to a whole new level. Binocular loupes make it easier to detect dental micro-fissures and caries-affected areas, as well as to treat tooth canal more thoroughly. A dentist can then outline the affected area by using a special. In case of a clinical suspicion of vertical root fracture a dentist can use binocular loupes in order to examine the inner canal wall, and, if possible, avoid surgical interference.

An accurate diagnosis guarantees a high-quality, safe and complication-free treatment without any return visit. We look forward to diagnosing you at “Dent Service”.