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Paediatric dentistry

Do you remember the times when we were little and any dental visit was like an incredible feat to us? I think we remember Soviet-era anesthesia-free dentistry all to well. All the crying, the yelling, the screaming in the dental chair have left many of us with а life-long psycho-emotional pain.

Fortunately, today’s children’s dental care has a whole new approach to patients both in Ukraine and worldwide. Modern paediatric dentistry is not only about medical issues related to dental disease treatment in children. There’s far much more to it, including the whole spectrum of psychological and disciplinary methods aimed at сultivating mindful attitude towards dental health both in children and their parents.

One of the is guiding principles Dent service’s paediatric dentistry department puts into practice is “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Raising dental hygiene awareness from an early age еnsures oral health in the future. Оur doctors provide a wide range of paediatric dentistry services:

  • Preventive examination upon the first signs of teething and dental eruption;
  • Defining oral hygiene products suitable to the patient’s individual needs;
  • Caries treatment;
  • Filling and removing deciduous teeth;
  • Orthodontic consultations.

Dentally speaking, humans go through two stages in life, that of deciduous and permanent teeth. Their structure is virtually identical, yet, treating primary teeth often proves to be much harder in practice. That’s why finding the right paedodontist for your child is so critical to treatment success. Such a doctor needs to establish rapport with the child as well as make an early and accurate diagnosis. It’s only by getting the diagnosis right that we can catch the disease early and interrupt its course, thus, significantly improving dental health.

Dent Service’s medical personnel is committed not only to keeping your children healthy but to sparing them all suffering, all stress and fear and eliminating other negative emotions.

Parents and doctors need to combine their efforts in order to make the first dentist visit enjoyable for the child. The first appointment should be a consultation which will provide the child with an opportunity to get to know the doctor and his office. Regular dental examinations in a fear-free, warm and friendly atmosphere will help the child develop healthy habits for life. This would help prevent numerous dental problems in the future as well as the onset of their complications.

Children’s dentistry in “Dent Service” is an ulra-modern office with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our team consists of attentive and considerate professionals with an extensive experience in child treatment. From the very first visit the doctors will build emotional connection and establish good rapport with your children, so when they think of the notion of paediatric dentistry, a gruesome torture room would be the last thing to come to their mind.